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The Museu da Calçada (Sidewalk Museum), MUSC, is a house museum that opened its doors in April 2023, as an initiative by the multi-artist and researcher of Brazilian culture, Selma Maria, becoming the first rural museum in the city of Piracaia-SP, Brazil.

Located in the Serra da Mantiqueira, within an ecovillage that was created over 20 years ago, the MUSC has the purpose of telling about the sidewalks where nature is always present.

Every museum has a collection, and this one assembles more than a thousand works, including toys, sculptures, objects, photographs, and videos, which comprise a picture of the production from rural and urban imaginary in Brazil and Portugal.

Installed on the sidewalk of Selma Maria's house, it currently displays the temporary and interactive exhibition “Lobo Villa”, which tells the story of one of the first residents from the Serra do Lopo region: the maned wolf who had a dream and became the musician Villa Lobos.

The museum has two spaces: the sidewalk and the Gallery Alegria, which is a multifunctional space composed of a collection, an art studio, a gallery, and a theater.

The MUSC has the mission of establishing, in a critical and creative way, dialogues between past and present, cultures and territories, based on visual arts and literature. It seeks to expand, preserve, research and disseminate its collection, as well as to promote the encounter between audiences and art through transformative and welcoming experiences.

fotos museu: Leila Bomfim

20230522_170821 (1).jpg

Museu da Calçada
Rua Caminho das Águas Claras, 2
Ecovila Clareando
WhatsApp: 11987967171
Piracaia - SP
CEP 12970-000
Caixa postal 104

Opening hours of Espaço Calçada: day and night, from Monday to Sunday.
Guided tour: by appointment

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