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The book 'BRASIL COLÔNIA 1500 ML' will  be released on the Festival Fólio - Óbidos - Portugal

The Brazilian writer Selma Maria launches, on October 9, the book BRASIL COLONIA 1500 ML. It will be at FOLIO, Festival  Literário Internacional de Óbidos, Portugal

In this new work, aimed at an adult audience, the artist seeks, with the help of 14 everyday objects, to create a decolonial dialogue. Conversations are born in a bottle of cologne, a liter of milk, a dustpan. With a wooden stool and lots of PVC pipes.

The author has been working since 2015 with these objects that she named “poetic objects” and creates a History class with humor and criticism, walking through 500 years of Brazilian history.

Author: Selma Maria
Book: 64 pages, 1st edition (2022)
Publisher: Casinha na Árvore
Release: during the FÓLIO - Festival Literário International de Óbidos, Portugal
Location: Casa Saramago, Rua Direita.
Date: October 9th, 16:30 
More information about the event:

Author: Selma Maria
Editorial coordination: Lydia Arruda / Paloma Comparato
Production: Cultural Lily/ Lydia Arrruda
Disclosure: Livia Baena
Photos: Duda Viana
Artistic direction: Helena Kuasne
Photo processing: Nadira Ruman
Graphic design: Wendell Costa
Revision: Daniela Uemura
Graphic print: Ipsis Gráfica and Publisher
Publishing company: Casinha na Árvore

Writer, actress, art educator, toy researcher and exhibition curator.
“Meninos Quietos” was the first exhibition she held and is also the title of her first book.

Every year, she participates in socio-educational projects in various regions of Brazil and other countries, such as:
Olimpíada de Língua Portuguesa;
Feira de Porto Alegre;
FÓLIO - Óbidos, Portugal; 
Mala de Herança (Heritage Bag) in Munich and Innsbruck, Austria; 
Brasileirinhos in Malaga, Spain.
In Portugal, since 2011 he has been conducting research and giving lectures on the Brazilian childhood culture.
Some of her books were selected in awards and reading incentive notices such as PNBE, PNAIC, Itaú Criança, Proac

'O Livro do Palavrão', 'Brinquedos Miúdos e Graúdos', 'Comum', 'Isso Isso', 'Zurro', 'Mesma', 'Falta', 'Palavra-Chave', 'Maria José é, José Maria ia', 'ABC da Água', 'Ora Bolas', 'A menina que nunca terminava nada', 'Super-Imã e o Mar' are some of the books she published for new readers.
Besides writing every day, she presents the exhibition PERAMBULAR and works in the project 'Poetic Objects', two works that propose reflections about the Portuguese language.

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